Choose the right photobooth for your event

For many years, photo booths have been a popular feature at New Zealand weddings, parties and corporate events.

Before you make a decision about which a photo booth is the right one for you, here are some things to consider.

  • Size How big is your photo booth? Traditional photobooths take up a lot of space. Because they are enclosed, you have a limit on how many people can fit in. You can arrange an open booth to capture beautiful scenery at your venue or choose an elegant backdrop to make it even more fun for larger groups. The most popular style is the open booth.
  • Green Screen Some booths offer greenscreen technology. A green screen allows you to project any image in the background. It’s pretty cool! You will need to weigh the value and cost of green screen.
  • Background Removal This is high tech. Greenscreen without the green backdrop. It is new and exciting and available from top end photobooth providers (Yes, that means we do it!)
  • Camera Ipad vs. webcam vs. DSLR. This varies from vendor to vendor. The new ipads, webcams, take better photos. However, there are plenty of photobooth businesses that don’t invest in new technology so they can charge lower prices. You might find them using webcams and Ipads more than 5 years old. To make the best choice, check with your photobooth company which Ipad or webcam they use. Photo booths with the best quality photos use DSLR cameras that have at least 10 Megapixels. Any less than 10 Megapixels will look blurry or grainy if you need to crop a photo later. Many booth companies use low-resolution photos to increase speed with lower-end equipment. A provider should have high-end professional hardware that can produce both speedy and high quality photos.
  • Video– While video sounds great, in reality most people freeze when the camera begins to roll. It is possible to use video in your photo booth but it may take more time to get everyone through the line. There will be many retakes until they get it right. Perhaps the booth company offers a dedicated video kiosk.
  • Social media OK, so you took the perfect group photo of your friends’ moustaches and want to share it on Insta and Facebook. Photo booths may allow you to upload your photo at the event, or they can send it straight to your phone in real-time. Is there a contactless option? For example, a photobooth company might send your photo directly to you if you scan a QR code on the screen. Is it possible to print the photos for free? Is it possible to download your favorite photo through an online gallery? Can the online gallery password-protected? And is there an additional cost? These options can enhance the enjoyment of your guests. Find a booth provider who can combine them into your personalised package.
  • Layout What layout do you want with your prints? Are you looking for photo strips that include several photos, one large 4×6 photo, and a logo? You can add your own personal touch such as a “quote”, a photo of the mountain where you are getting married, or a colour that matches your event/wedding. Is the printer able to cut the photo strips for you? Few printers can cut photo strips straight and few are capable of doing so. Many booth companies have an attendant who cuts the strips with scissors. This slows down the process and makes it less professional.
  • Props Are they appropriate and fun for your party? What will you do with them? They will be displayed on a table in an haphazard manner or organized in a closet or on professional display racks. Are props an additional cost or included in the price?
  • Touch screen and other options. Do you want more privacy? Or do you want your attendant to have full control? What if you take a bad photo? Is there a limit to how many sessions you can have? What if there are three people in the photo? Is everyone able to have a photo strip? The best companies ensure that everyone has a great time at the booth, with unlimited sessions.
  • Booth Attendant – Will someone be there to help your guests, maintain the props, take care of any technical issues and, most importantly, to be the entertainment concierge so everyone is having a great time.
  • References and an online presence . Any company worth hiring should have testimonials and an online presence. What does a poorly designed website say about the company’s pride? A website that is well-designed and has testimonials as well as photos from recent events tells a lot more than words can. Photos are what you want! If they have an online gallery, check out the photos from their previous events

These are just a few of the many factors to be aware of. The price of the company should not be the deciding factor. Although the lowest priced company might be an option, it can still be precarious to choose that company. There are many horror stories about brides, companies and party goers who were left without a photobooth because they used low-cost vendors. Look for vendors with a proven track record and fair prices. No one ever regretted buying quality!

This guide was created to help you choose a booth company. However, it also highlights the many advantages Selfie Central offers over other vendors in Auckland.

Our photobooths are open-air and come with beautiful backdrops. Green screen, Background removal and video are also available and we can print, email, reprint photos, and many other services.

We can also provide a contactless booth that starts your photo experience when you scan an onscreen QR Code. Our lighting is professional quality and balanced. We also have a Canon Pro series digital lens and a Canon Pro series Canon DSLR. This ensures that your photos are sharp and true to colour. Also, the format allows for large print resizing. We have the largest props collection in the area.

We use elegant display racks to present our photos, not bins that gives the impression of a yard sale. (Yes, we can be a bit critical about how things look but you deserve the best!) Beautifully roped booth entrances and red carpet booth entrances are available to make your guests feel like Hollywood stars.

Selfie Central serve Auckland and beyond, we pride ourselves in being the best, but don’t take our word for it, take a look at our reviews. We offer a touch screen, customized layout options, and many elegant and unique options. Your guests will feel like they are CENTRAL to your big day!

We have thousands of smiling faces from Auckland and all over the world… Contact us to discuss your event or reserve your date!

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